Joshua Serafin: VOID

Dolores Cárcamo Museum (Museo del Cárcamo de Dolores)


March 16


Dolores Cárcamo Museum (Museo del Cárcamo de Dolores)

Time: 7 pm

Admission: free

VOID is part of a series of works called the “Creation Paradigm,” in which we witness creation or birth of a god(dess) for the future. This god, Void, needs to live in the mortal world to better understand what it means to be a god(dess) of this time. Void’s choreographic movements embody the sadness, pain and grief of our current society. Using ritualistic dance to invoke the coming-to-life of the Void, Joshua Serafin sheds the normative ideals of gender and colonial history, engaging in a process of healing from generational trauma that enables the artist to locate their ancestral historical body, a fluid non-binary form.

Photo: Joshua Serafin, VOID Myth Makers (performance), 2023