Nicolás Poggi: Sudor

Centro Cultural de España


March 15


Centro Cultural de España

Time: 7 pm

Entrance: free

SUDOR is the continuation of EL BOBO (2023), a work that culminates in a euphoric climax with the audience.

SUDOR is the post-performance experience. Sweaty, after-exhausted and ecstatic bodies seek to relate to each other from their own limits by turning their sweat into the outermost viscous layer that connects bodies dominated by their most primal places.

SUDOR happens in a climax but in a dense and disturbing climate.

The audience is a voyeur and witness of this party that happens between the public and the private.


Idea and direction: Nicolás Poggi

Performers: Aguila Leite, Claudio Mansour, Sebastián De Oteyza y Sebastián Santamaria

Music: Ezeta

Stage Design: Giselle Hauscarriaga

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Photo: Nicolás Poggi, Sudor, 2024