Centro de Cultura Digital


March 13


Centro de Cultura Digital

Time: 6:30 pm

Entrance: Free

TONO x PAMM Selects is a screening program organized by TONO and the Pérez Art Museum Miami (PAMM). The thirteen works featured in TONO x PAMM Selects explore how bodies transform across virtual, natural, and supernatural worlds. The works will be available to stream on PAMMTV from March 14 through October 24.

From the atomic to the cosmic and the cell to the pixel, the videos in this program explore processes of metamorphosis. From creatures constructed out of mud and bodies transformed through science to digital avatars and bodies manipulated through rituals, the figures in these videos burst a discrete definition of a body. Here, bodies are material vessels as much as they are objects for imagination and groups. A body, from a river to a digital stream, is constantly in a state of flux.

Spanning two to twenty-minute videos, the program brings together work by Biarritzzz, Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Seba Calfuqueo, Leo Castañeda, Colectivo Ixqcrear, Cristóbal Cea, Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau and Carlos Motta, Edny Jean Joseph, (La)Horde, Agnes Questionmark, and Tania Ximena.


Agnes Questionmark, Draco Piscis, 2023; 1 min

Agnes Question Mark, CHM13hTERT, 2023; 4 min, 36 sec

Seba Calfuqueo, Kowkülen (Liquid Being), 2020; 3 min, 28 sec

Colectivo Ixqcrear, La fuerza que emancipa al cuerpo, 2022; 6 min, 56 sec

Tania Ximena, Devenir, 2021; 9 min, 38 sec

Leo Castañeda, Camoflux Mangrove Biome, 2023; 6 min, 10 sec

Biarritzzz, Onde Está Mymye Mastoiagnne?, 2023, 16 min, 33 sec

Danielle Brathwaite-Shirley, Resurrection Pro League, 2020; 15 min, 45 sec

Cristóbal Cea, Gran Cahuín, 2023; 2 min

Simon(e) Jaikiriuma Paetau and Carlos Motta, Mourning Stage, 2022; 16 min, 39 sec

Edny Jean Joseph, iBrooks, 2022; 2 min

(La)Horde, Cultes, 2019; 15 min, 32 sec

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Photo: (La)Horde, Cultes, 2019; 15 min, 32 sec